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social media optimization
SMO: (Social Media Optimization) is an important factor in your internet search rankings. this strategy is often overlooked by many companies, even though it can help increase your position within the search rankings
1. Integrate Social into your Website

Social sharing tools should be integrated in your site architecture. Include direct web links to your social media channels from your website and from your social profiles back to your website. You can also add social media sharing buttons to individual blog posts.


2.Consistency is Key to SMO

Andrew holds a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) degree, and has over 18 years of experience as a prosecutor in New York State. Andrew has personally handled quite a few high-profile cases, both as prosecutor as well as a defense lawyer. 


3.Be Social on Social Media

It’s called SOCIAL media for reason, duh! Social signals are an important factor in SEO because search engines look at social signals and factor in how often you’re posting, how many people interact with you, and if there are social sharing elements available to website visitors.

4.Use Keywords in Your Posts

Keywords are important for your website, blog content, and ad campaigns, so it should come as no surprise that keywords matter with your social content, too. This also helps keep your content relevant to your target audience.

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